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“As If Asleep” is about how I experience the world of dreaming.

As If Asleep

I dream in bright technicolor
more shades than life contains
forgetting this span of hues
when I rise with morning dew

the details stream in unending flux
shifting between here and there
when that space twists around
alien to the waking world

a cast of strangers is company
without concern of who I am
acceptance found by colleagues
existing only behind the veil

all the while there is creation
songs and sights, music’s throat
echoing from the only source
the muse inside my resting mind

do not tell me what cannot be
that was there, believe me
restrictions are thrust aside
within the realm behind my eyes

no pain is there in that beyond
the ache that meets me when I wake
I am fully blessed to feel again
the balm of youth in hurt’s relief

if only the waking could be the same
as dreams presented when I recline
perhaps it could if I strive
to live my life as if asleep.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170823.
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“Stuff of Dreams” is about a person who awakes from dreams to a world consumed by the chase of the impossible. Sleep is desired again, if only to dispel the pursued shadows of the waking realm.

Stuff of Dreams

Shadows where none should be
glimpse of shades when I wake
outlier of my dreams
beg for the attention shown
unlikely refugee
from the dawn of where I began
disturb the rest that was my peace
now in the dusk of life’s twilight
cast by lights only I can see
if only I had lived those years
from a distance too far to breach
echoes of a life that passed me by
in this place I could not conceive
beauty glimpsed that stops my breath
filled with cravings I cannot please
from the depths of ancient hunger
if only I did not travel so deep
longing for the way to catch
plunged ahead to find what I seek
never finding the golden prize
surrounded by a forest of trees
on the pedestal in far glade
paths that lure away from safety
across the void of doom’s presence
this traveler will soon perceive
the futility of the attempt
longing for the calm of far valleys
where the shadows are no more
to find again the stuff of dreams

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170102.
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To sleep is to dream. To dream is to speak to yourself, even if the voice comes from a person you love.

Goodbye in a Dream

When goodbye is in a dream
it hurts no less as if real
rejoicing when the clock is turned
hearing what you have to say
when sleeping words resonate
with mute actions in wakeful world
the gaps are filled by the mind
seeking to know which way to go.

This puppet I hold dear to heart
oh so solid yet still a doll
said the things I need to hear
in the veil of slumber’s realm
things were said meant not to hurt
by a mouth that was my own
subconscious hints still have barbs
though they came from a lovely one.

Grace is mercy’s only balm
regret served up by the mind
you know not what you said
I’ll hold these close to my heart
when goodbye is in a dream
perhaps because I’ll never hear
these statements from the perfect one
now gone from my lonely life.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160709.
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The poem "Twilight Partner" is about a particular kind of dream.

Twilight Partner

Visitor in the veil
appearing in pleasure
vanished at daybreak.

Unplanned encounter
unable to coerce
yet here we are again.

Perhaps a stranger I see
it matters little to me
given the attention received.

The focus is contact
varied in nature
desired in the whole.

Twilight partner
until the phantoms leave
dance again with me.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160420.
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I woke wondering if my waking life is like my dreams, and I'm just too stubborn to see the magic available to me. The poem “Dreams I Could Live” spun from this thought.

Dreams I Could Live

With dreams as real as waking life
so they seemed at the time
makes me wonder if reality
is as fluid as the other side.

Could I have as many friends
even though I don't know them
comfy strangers all and all
never seen another night.

Locations drift in and out
transported miles at the thought
then wondering how to return
is my greatest source of angst.

Passed ones come to visit me
the years then fade away
they are in the room again
I wish they would never leave.

Fears do not linger there
nightmares do not develop
when scenes pass to another
where the dread has expired.

I do suspect life is this way
if I were not so serious
in the waking hours removed
from the dreams I could live.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160402.
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One night I dreamed about demonic visitors. Two nights later I dreamt I met a righteous farming family. The poem “Dream Messengers” is about this duality.

Dream Messengers

Dreamscapes are revelations
outside my waking mind.
The rules do not apply
when doors are opened wide.
The outcomes defy logic
when REM is the motion.
The scenes are divergent
in the halls of sleep.

There is no lexicon to explain
the visions from beyond.
There is no reason
for the angels and red devils.
Will I awake with guidance
from these fae messengers?
Their words are different
when repose is my native land.

With thoughts full released
from visions of forty winks
I consider if I've been told
the truth now unconcealed.
I'll not play both sides
when the truth is the mean.
Dualities may haunt my rest.
To wake is my sole escape.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160104.
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Dreams are both lovely and frustrating events. The past is presented in short vignettes that speak both truth and lies.

Hundred Dreams
Poem for Day 351 – 20151218

Lay with me confident
of a hundred dreams
but not real life
in the waking place
you are no more
yet in my dreams
we are still one.

My dozing mind is to blame
for building spires
to the elder days
where fae memories
speak their mind
in the dozing space
of life rewound.

When respite blesses me
no time has passed
on the other side
where the only pain
is from is missing you
mon amour
the only one
in the hundred dreams
life is again.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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The poem “Fay Embrace” is about the nightly encounters in the realm of sleep.

Fay Embrace
Bonus Poem for Day 311 – 20151108

Sent from realms incorporeal,
perhaps from heaven or from hell,
neither mattered to me then
when intimacy was a kiss.

Your body held me close,
for a moment I was loss.
Submerged in earthly delight
in the realm off in the stars.

Our murmurs did lip breach,
spoken words to fill the space,
second to the physical,
chorus to the amour kept.

The world around a fantasy,
mirage of the day's awakening,
your reaction dispassionate,
so I carried on with our zeal.

I pushed forward in recklessness,
a soul driven to compensate
for a reality beyond the veil,
the waking dream yet incomplete.

Our tryst too soon ceased,
fading as smoke in that state.
Another scene took its place
as you were pulled from my arms.

Fay embrace in my dreams,
lovely phantom I do need,
I leave you now when I wake,
smiling as your kiss slowly fades.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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Very few people can dream consciously. More often our dreams are a random selection of scenes that are unwanted. Sometimes a delightful surprise is served during our sleeping hours.

The Kissing Dream
Poem for Day 066 – 20150307

I dreamt of kissing you,
not a simple peck.
I dreamt of kissing you,
full on the lips.

I don't remember who started,
the first to leap the gap.
I only know we lingered,
bliss bestowed to each other.

It was a sleeping fantasy,
phantasm of my romanticism.
This did not hold us back
when our mouths met as one.

Hands reached to face,
cradling you in my hands.
Evoking passion shared by both,
dwelling deep in a kiss returned.

Our ardour was too short.
We met and merged and loved,
and then parted ways,
in that dreaming state.

I dreamt of kissing you
in that land of sleep.
I awoke with a smile,
and vowed to sleep again.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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How do you write a poem? Sometimes I just start with an idea, and this can be just a single sentence. I saw a posting about a collection of pictures called “Dreams are Dangerous”. I thought that sounded great, so I spun a poem about the nightmare side of dreams.

Dreams are Dangerous
Poem for Day 039 – 20141101

Do you dare to dream?
Would you start to sleep?
To drift into worlds
separate from waking.
To dream is to drift,
seeking more than life.
Seeing other realms,
far realities.
Perhaps you embark
into the dreams near.
Further you may go,
to distance places.

Strange sights greeting you,
malefic stalk you.
Where have you landed?
A nightmare walking.
Beware dear sleeper,
you are in danger.
You life is forfeit,
so unfortunate.
Shadows do surround,
mutterings do sound.
You the visitor
in this evil land.

Turn from the dark path.
Beware the false signs.
Mislead you they will
away from safe exit.
The siren beckons.
The cries for help call.
Listen to them not.
Doom is all they bring.
Seek the lighted path.
Seek the plan wood door.
Safety it will bring,
awakened again.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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Of dreams...

Pee-wee: Simone, this is your dream, you have to follow it.
Simone: I know you're right, Pee-wee, but...
Pee-wee: But what? Everyone I know has a big "But...? C'mon, Simone, let's talk about *your* big "But".

-- From Pee-wee's Big Adventure
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I really like to dream, and I mean the sleeping type when I say that.  While I remember few details from the majority of my dreams, they are a welcome diversion from the waking life.  Why?  For one, I don't have the aches and pains of waking life.  My dreams are populated with a diverse group of people I don't know in waking life.  Very few people from my waking life ever show up in my dreams.  My adventures in my dreams are often mundane, but some are pretty interesting.  I see a lot of interesting places that would be interesting to photograph.  There are some dreamscapes that I seem to return to again and again. These have some wonderfully distressed buildings.  

My dreams tell me that I'm not an introvert through and through.  There are just too many people in my dreams for that to be a truth.  I've got to think that my dreams help keep me sane, and they are beneficial to my future health.
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It is weird how dreams have both repeating symbols and stuff that only pops up once. Take this morning... I dreamed that I was driving my car to a semi-isolated mountain location. It is only semi because a building was just down the hill. I had been there before, but this time it was snowing and I barely got up the hills. I arrived and found a group of people there. They wee boating up the small stream adjacent to the hill. That was OK, and they looked over the animals I had brought with me: a dog, a moose and raccoon. They really like the moose. Hmmm... I later had a cat too, and I think the raccoon turned into a skunk. The people turned out to be a cult who summoned some end-of-times monster. I put two of the animals in my car and went in search of my dog. Snow was gone, because it was the transformed future, and I never did find my dog. I did find one of my animals, it was something small, but it was only a copy because it was the future and the animal looked kinda smushed.

Ok... onto the archetypes. It is not unusual for me to dream about animals in my dream. It is incredibly common for me to dream about invasion / end of world stuff. I'd completely miss disaster precognition stuff in my dreams because the events happen so often.

The punch line is that the guys in the future used virtual reality rigs. Apparently one other guy came from the past and he was insane. He infected the VR equipment with his madness and it looked like the cycle of running and hiding was beginning again.
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I had a really interesting dream recently. I was walking around a friend's house and noticed that it was really quite large. Behind the house was a series of unused machine/tool shops. The aura of abandonment caused me to wish I had my camera with me. This is not uncommon. My dreams often feature landscapes of derelict and abandoned buildings, and I often find myself wishing I had my camera to record the images.

Well, I went into the workshops to check out what was left. Spirits began to appear and I asked one of them if I could take pictures. Somehow they communicated the answer "no" through a scrap of paper with writing and a number. Suddenly the workshops were alive with activity, and I had the impression I had been transported back in time. This has happened in past dreams. The eerie thing is that people were being shown how to make coffins, and I had the impression that the years were during WWII. I walked through the connected buildings and came to a shopping area. The time shifted when I entered a store and found 1960s style "Scobby Doo" pajamas. I reflected that I could come back with money from those years, but the money would probably cost me as much as buying a replica of the pajamas now.

I left the shop and the scenery changed back to one of abandoned decay. I rushed back into the shop and saw that the merchandise was gone. I sensed something was different and this was confirmed when a person came out of the shadows and told me that I would find it very difficult to escape from the place. I had ventured far into the time-shifting buildings. It felt as if I was in a nightmare/twilight place between realities. I either then willed myself to shift dreamscapes or I just woke up. Either way, it was nice to leave the new temporal dream location.

So, I dream about taking pictures in my dreams. I also dream about cats, driving, festivals, groups, homes and schooling. These are all reoccurring "themes" in my dreams. Does anybody else have a theme that reinserts itself in dreams more often than not?

Not An Exit, Abandoned Textile Mill Warehouse - IMG_4609
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This morning I had one of my "not a nightmare, but it probably would be for other people" type dreams. I dreamed that certain types of trees/vines had come alive and were killing people. The only safe move was to seek a place that did not have the killer plants. The dream then fast forwarded. Society as we know it now had collapsed, but the survivors had figured out how to live alongside the predatory plants. During this part of the dream I was with some people outside. Things were normal enough in a nice-to-be-alive-after-the-apocalypse kind of way. Then a little rodent was seen. For some reason it reminded me of the killer vines. This is an example of my having knowledge originating from a undreamed transitional part of the dream. Anyway, the rodent turned out to be deadly too. We were forced to get indoors and seal ourselves off from the killer rodents. Sigh... my dreams are frustrating even if they are classically nightmares.

I found the killer plant angle interesting given my spiritual slant, but then again, I've been having issues with that too. I'll write about the spiritual stuff another time.

Front of Ruined Pharmacy Building - IMG_5932
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I've had very few true sleeping nightmares. It seems most of my terrors are during waking hours. Anyway, one of the few nightmares I remember involved a spiral staircase that I found in an alley. Somehow I knew that people had hung themselves from these stairs. No bodies were present at that time, but I was filled with dread and fear. It is the dreams that have an absence of terror objects that have scared me the most.

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Do you look forward to dreaming when you sleep? If so, what is the attraction that dreams have for you? If dreaming is unpleasant, would you prefer to change how you dream or would you instead not dream at all?

I personally look forward to my dreams. They may be tense and combative, but I usually prevail. In dreams I have many more friends/acquaintances immediately around me than I do in waking life. There are familiar places in my dreamland. There are very few repeating people, and those people who do appear multiple times are known to me in the waking world.

Dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask. ~X-Files

"Be the dream, NOT the dreamer!"

Reflections in a stream puddle
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Movies I don't like:

Ones in which you know the 'good guys' will die or fail in the end.

My Dreaming Paradoxes:

I do lots of things alone (i.e. lunch), but constantly dream of crowds.

My death wish makes me think those who pass on are the lucky ones, but I fight to survive in my dreams.

I have some physical challenges in RL (knees, back), but I'm not hampered by these in my dreams.
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Because I'm interested in expanded realities...

The Seven Gates of Dreaming

Summarized from "The Art of Dreaming'' by Carlos Castaneda.

First Gate:
You reach the first gate when you become aware you are falling asleep or have a gigantically real dream. You cross the first gate when you are able to sustain the sight of any item in your dream.

In order to offset the evanescent quality of dreams, sorcerers have devised the use of the starting point item. Every time you isolate it and look at it, you get a surge of energy. The most convenient thing to use is your hands (which follows naturally from looking for your hands in your dreams).

Second Gate:
You cross the second gate when you are able to change from dream to dream. For example, you wake up from a dream in another dream or use an item of your dream to trigger another dream.

Third Gate:
You reach the third gate when you dream yourself asleep. You cross the third gate by moving your energy body after having done so. At the third gate you begin to merge your dreaming reality with the reality of the daily world.

Fourth Gate:
At the fourth gate, the energy body travels to specific, concrete places either in this world, out of this world, or places that exist only in the intent of others.

Go to sleep in a certain position, then in dreaming, dream that you lie down in the same position and fall asleep again. This is called the twin positions and it solidifies your dreaming attention. The second dream is intending in the second attention: the only way to cross the fourth gate of dreaming.


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