Jan. 26th, 2017

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“The Beast” is my poetic response to a poetry competition on Deep Underground Poetry. The challenge was to write a poem based on one of several tiger based themes. I chose “The Tiger’s Bride”, a traditional story about a Russian nobleman’s daughter confronting, repelling, and then joining with “The Beast”. In my telling The Beast is a metaphor for intimacy.

The Beast

I've lost myself in the game
unintended until it came
turn of the dice, cards in play
the lot was cast, now I'm gone
given over to the Beast
of rapt attention, sharing grace
dressed in garb that seems to hide
the reckless ways I'd not abide.

"I'll release you if you bare
all you are to my stare
come to me if you dare”
these were the words of the Beast
echoed long as I cringed
I turned away at fear's command
bent at knee in a vain attempt
to shield my soul from the request.

From their eye dropped a tear
full of promise of what could be
wet with sadness for delay
now transformed by my stay
in its place was a gem
hardened by resolution
in refusal to share myself
to never shed down to my skin.

Again the offer touched their lips
with my recoiling at the words
"reveal yourself to me now
all your hopes and the dreads
highs and lows of your heart
remove the guise above it all
allow the underneath to come forth
the person you truly are.”

A second tear followed the first
with more promise than before
and a knowledge of what could be
if I released myself to their arms
I only saw the second jewel
not the Beast from where it came
at that moment I became aware
of the beauty beyond gem.

The Beast revealed all they were
beyond the cloak of shielding masks
the good, the bad, the world beyond
presented to the unworthy one
I was brought to my knees
this time fear was not the cause
instead I found I could not keep
my secret self from the invite.

The gems were flush against my flesh
as I was when birth brought me here
unburdened to show all I had
I was clothed with not a thread
now the tears turned back to water
moist against my naked flesh
transforming me same as the Beast
intimacy accepted as its own.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170126.


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