Mar. 22nd, 2017

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“Joy’s Resolve” is about the ways that joy is found in everyday life.

Joy’s Resolve

I wonder how I found past joy
memory brings the ways to mind
each their own path forward

the music soothed my heart
melodies hinged emotion's bliss
opening me to find the joy

food filled the empty space
satisfying the hunger within
emotions supplanted by yum-num-ness

physical proximity for a short time
dance's way to emulate the larger
step-child of the great act

bodies shared to touch another
finding self in revelation
nudity path to the pleasure gained

therapy by way of shopping's gains
treasures found amongst the dross
excitement taken from jewels purchased

religion was close at hand
by promise of prophets holy word
made fast by dogma preached above

the spiritual revealed God's grace
beyond writings of sacred books
ecstasy in the experience of self

the miles carried me far away
exotic winds full on the face
lands transporting the spirit far

the hours rushed by work's request
responsibility drives the best of man
engaging in matters challenging

how I dressed was important
fanciness impressed for all eyes
oohs and ahhs from admirer's lips

the art flowed from finger tips
mediums expressed the muse's bless
sight, sound, or written to impress

the ways pile upon themselves
I wonder why I still am sad
when tools crowd for joy’s resolve.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170322.


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