Apr. 20th, 2017

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There are fighters in the world, and there are runners in the world. The places escaped to vary, with the worse having no return.

Why I Run

They may wonder why I run
remove myself from the scene
it's not because I fear to thrive
just the opposite, I long to hide

this is done with selfishness
it's how we're wired by God's cold grace
to desire in fits of lack
living lies while speaking smack

there is a place to interact
confirm the links tight with a group
this is done by gift of this or that
the purpose hidden close to the chest

I'll give the trinkets as if to say
"your're dear to me, remember this"
when my actions say otherwise
please don't hate, that's my job

dislike of self does not include
the same towards friends and family
they are precious, more than most
revulsion walks the inward path

the distance give me room to think
to justify the worst in me
seeking symbols that will confirm
why I the world deserves much more

now I'm left with trinkets held
given to the special ones
wishing I could stay my hand
to not run, just to hide.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170420.


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