May. 27th, 2017

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Everyone lives life on a variety of experience spectrums. Most are accepted by the majority of society. I am blessed with friends with spectrum experiences that defy the patriarchal and hetronormative boundaries. Society pushes back. I live outside the boundaries of the normative, living in a dread of this impacting my well-being. Why do we do this? It is who we are. The poem “Swim Through Life” is about living in the spectrums of life.

Swim Through Life

Here is my spectrum
my personal breadth
stating a selfless
for a world to see
offered to all
now you will know
the psyche revealed
against a true scale.

It's not just one
these ranges of spirit
though each has its place
to state who I am
considering identity
desires of the heart
expression presented
each has its walk.

Don't look for a pole
a point set in space
resisting the fluid
instead I'm adrift
the ends of a line
can be a reference
I'll step from these
when I make myself.

Returning to flow
the fluid a term
fluent in life
is how I exist
while I may stay
in place for a time
consider the spectrum
as I swim through life.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170527.


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