May. 31st, 2017

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A portion of “Six Fathoms” was written during the Spring 2017 LEAF festival. The rest I wove in with the theme of the ocean.

Six Fathoms

If I close the doors during the storm
shutter the windows against the pour
provide no entrance save to myself
the sea would be to blame

two fathoms from taint of birth
chemistry wired in the wrong
from the elder falls the fruit
now waiting for the cancer

the basement will surely flood
the roof above will soon leak
is it no wonder why I exclude
visitors from the scene of the crime?

Four fathoms from the childhood
outsider voted the class clown
comments heard behind my back
so many whispers with no praise

don’t allow the blue to mislead your mind
the lack of clouds to say it’s alright
in my realm the hurricanes
blow day and night with no refrain

the last fathoms finally reached
neurotic says the diagnosis
no escape for you my son
this is forever until the end

I’ve heard the rest before you speak
umbrellas work for other men
they’re no help when my world
is six fathoms below the sea.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 2017031.
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Seduction is sexy. People want to be wooed, told they are sexy, and that a person wants them badly. It’s human nature!

I also feel dirty, needing a bath, after hearing Corey Gray's cover of "Scream". Why? As alternative as I am, the song disturbs me. Is Corey really that much of a pleasure troubadour? Granted, while Corey sings the song, it's not implied that the song's speaker is singer. It more probable that Corey is describing a hot-to-trot guy dropping his pick-up lines on a target.

What if a person received this invitation? Would it be appreciated? Perhaps, again, who wouldn't want to feel sexy? With that said, these lines reek of being used a few hundred (thousand) times over. How sexy is it to be the hundredth (thousandth) companion of the speaker? Oh... and the whole hunting thing is a turn-off for me. So many sexy "gonna get you" songs have a predatory feel to them, pushing non-consensual contact while having a stalking vibe. That’s my probably true unease, but that’s another story, and my opinion.

"Kill the lights, shut 'em off
You're electric
Devil eyes telling me come and get it
I have you like ooh
Baby baby ooh baby baby
Ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby baby
Girl tonight you're the prey
I'm the hunter
Take you here, take you there
Take you wonder
Imagine me whispering in your ear
Then I wanna, take off your clothes and put something on ya"


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