Jun. 17th, 2017

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Possible friends, of many depths, are introduced into our lives on an ongoing basis. I have to say that I’ve not always done justice to those who approached me with the desire to know me better. In that place I feel more disappointment than shame. The silver lining is that there is still time to know them in this present moment, before time removes them from my life. Why do I struggle though? The poem, “Found a Friend”, speaks to the commitment requested by friendship.

Found a Friend

I found the friend I should keep
if Fate allows, that fickle fiend
introductions did not promise
joyous outcomes in future’s sight
the invitation is heartfelt
contrary to nature’s bent
where the strangers walk about
none see another, until now.

Fate led me to water’s edge
then asked me to drink too deep
I approached with my fear
knowing that my life could change
the depths dropped out of sight
where this led I could not say
so much unknown in the pledge
to stand beside a new ally
from the parched to the drowned
lips once cracked would be submerged
drinking in what was absent
swimming deep in liquid bliss.

Here is the rub, what I hinted
that future hides beyond our sight
in its hands, the good and bad
what’s chosen now will be revealed
a choice is put to both of us
Fate gives short warning in query
pledging nothing in return
I’ve found a friend, what do I do?

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170617.


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