Jun. 18th, 2017

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On Father’s Day I have the memories of my still-borne daughter Grace. This is the sorrow, but it is an old sorrow. My current joy, on this day, is to embrace the role of a senior in the dance community. Beyond this, for some, I am a pseudo-father figure.

What am I asked to do in this role? It seems that it’s equal parts providing a voice of reason, guilting (towards relative rightness), providing (in)sanity checks, and providing congratulations when they are richly deserved. Along the way I am challenged to act as a role model, though this is scary as heck given some of the aspects of my life I struggle with.

And what do I get out of this? I feel better about the overall state of humanity, as it’s pretty dark if you follow the news. Connections are made to a wider world, and this is a good thing for a person who seeks escape too often. Lastly, I make a positive impact on the future, that time when I will be passed and my “children” continue on.
kokopelle: Frank n Furter (Frank-n-Furter)
During a dream I traveled to a world beneath the earth’s surface. The poem “Land Beneath” shares aspects of the dream.

Lower Bond

I’ll meet you there, along the path
boulevards will shepherd us
two lost souls beneath the fray
invoked by peril to a land below

search for the hidden underground
entrance under the danger words
just stand still and you’ll sink
to a place few suspect

you’ll descend to the nether ream
known to those who travel there
though more than you would think
beneath the staid reality

visiting is the only option
for some reason none will reside
instead they travel here to there
past the echoes of bygone days

it’s a world lost to time
lodged beneath what you know
left behind to find its way
nothing changed, there to stay

at the end we’ll ascend
no longer will the twilight shine
seek the light with sun’s warmth
leave behind our lower bond.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170618.


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