Jun. 20th, 2017

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“I Write Tonight” is about why I choose to write poetry on a daily basis. One day I won’t, and my poems will stand for something in that time.

I Write Tonight

Another turn has found its way
I'll mark this day with a poem
looking back at where I came
leaving words for coming years
as prose allows for stories told
I have several to disclose
echoing what I've written prior
in the stanzas to follow here.

Honesty is my downfall
the muse requesting far too much
from the poet seeking truth
found inside, revealed to you
what cannot speak in common words
the odes allow on lyric tongue
pressed to state all there is
who I am, what I love.

Both the good and the bad
the horrific and the glad
have sprung from pen, put to page
please forgive my tirades
while I view what God has wrought
put upon by our frailty
it is no wonder I am amazed
by the breadth of life's range.

I share to alert the world
they're not alone in their space
this is true, but there is more
as the poems speak to myself
asking for the forbearance
to hang on another day
stating all the whys I can't
to provide the will to live.

What's put here is for today
remembering where I've come from
why I do this these written acts
while the muse moves my hand
for one day I'll be silent
no longer press the quill to task
then you and I may look back
to see these words I write tonight.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170620.


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