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The ardent dancer can affirm that there are songs whose first chords foretell of the next minutes. The steps, the moves, the motions already exist. They only wait for the physical manifestation. The poem “Dance Foretold” is about these dawns of moving joy.

Dance Foretold

My future is already foretold
I can feel the motion when I'm standing still
my feet are choreographed
preordained to move in the space beyond
the music wraps around my soul
my body seeks rapture on melody’s wing.

I feel the urge to move in sync
indulging toe tap and leg hop as a start
the notes are my body's muse
instructing the heart to move the limbs
pulling strings that none can see
the end result asks for fair company.

The dance floor is my head
sharing space with the world as a whole
I seek one to match the mold
to the beauty I glimpse beyond the veil
we all become the circumstance
partners all in as I imagine the outcome.

I am less than Fred Astaire
though he is the hero I strive to match
I am the most common man
called to the dance by the siren's request
the moves are felt before it’s begun
foretold to step beyond the music’s promise.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161219.
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The poem “Once Again” is inspired by the truly delightful moments that I have with my dance friends.

Once Again

If I dance
in your arms
I would die
a happy one
this very night
with company
none shall top
leading to
heaven's gate
celestial guide
angelic one
with your smile
and your heart
so close to me
body pressed
as we touch
time stands still
yet not enough
to stop the world
for you must leave
then move beyond
these arms of mine
then I’ll die
expired within
until we dance
once again.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161031.
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I listen to 1930's waltz music and literally cry with tears in the eyes. A past life connection? I feel such a strong affinity to the underlying sentiment, somehow feeling them deeper than other genres of generational music. Fast forward to modern music, it is little surprise that I am also drawn to the "Deep Dark Indie" channel on Spotify. Emotional response aside, I enjoy dancing to the slower tempo of the music with its opening to languid yet passionate dancing.
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When I write poems like “Blues Again” I draw from personal experiences. Now that I (mostly) know how to dance Blues properly, I’ve quite fallen in love with the dance form. I’ve had moments with really special partners that gave me inspiration to share these thoughts in prose form.

Blues Again

You're my partner for a time
not enough to heal the wounds
just enough to sooth the hurt
we'll keep it close enough
sink to the ground as we move
find the groove to move the feet.

In this worldly in between
what is and what cannot be
you are the bridge to sanity
this may be what fates allow
a brief visit with a beauty
under the spell of the Blues.

Only God knows if my intents are good
a child lost in the hands of dance
where the Devil may have his time
divinity hear my heartfelt plea
if this is sin than damn my soul
I think it not because the need is pure.

The music is the intimates' muse
asking for the barriers to relent
guiding the separate to combine
please hold tight to me lovely one
now close in spirit as space relents
bodies' heat is spirit's same.

We may do this once a week
a pity given what we've found
connect absent for hours in between
I'll take this glimpse of affinity
dance the Blues with me
I’ll pray I won't be blue again.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160527.
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The poem “Dip Does Boast” tells a story about the dip that comes at the end of a dance. There are other dips, the ones that come during a dance, but the final dip has a more special place as a punctuation point to a temporary union.

Dip Does Boast

The song approaches the final chords
our dance has been heaven sent
alas all good things must end
this is the nature of earthly things.
The finale holds a special treat
one we've held in reserve
waiting for the final notes
in a dance of entwined souls.

The beginning was necessity
we both agreed to spend some time
on the floor meant for all
we only cared about our own.
To and fro was tested there
finding the common ground
abilities to match the other
with joy found in the dance.

The tempo bid us to move
through its vaulted halls
of beat enhanced by a tune
met by feet, held by hands.
There may have been a lead
or a follow in quick response
each was servant to the song
down the pathways the piper led.

The stanzas signaled us
that the song will soon expire
in the moments spent as one
to be undone by Father Time.
Wait that was not the final stretch
the writer had a jolly laugh
at our heeding of the pull
fools made glad for the reprieve.

Sadly the end is nigh
no matter our quick denial
best make the plans for the move
that caps a dance between us two.
The timing is the crucial part
of reconciling the future move
celebration formed by pose
of bodies titled close to floor.

And now the dip is ours to show
beauty flaunted to the world
as two companions meet the end
in flowing art's purest blend.
Though fancy this dip may not be
it matters only that harmony
is paid to our muse and master both
the dance embraced as dip does boast.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160523.
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Dancing just blows my mind. There are pockets of caring and sharing, for perhaps three minutes, and then it's back to the world. For those minutes, well, there is hope.

Passion's Hope

Hope found in your face
support found in your hands
I once again feel alive
balanced between then and now.
Only in this time could I be
so close to divinity
yet a knocking is heard
in the halls of my mind.

My past has flowed away
yet a remnant is here to stay
removing me from this place
even as arms do embrace.
Begone doubt of yesteryear
shadows of lurking fears
true in their own time
now false with wheel's turn.

I've found cure in the curve
remedy in made heart made glad
deepest draught of medicine
present in your pressing form.
I'll drink you to forget
echoes only heard by me
when the song of your hands
drowns out the static of the past.

Separation has ceased to be
in drowning self's own doubt
unity excludes distraction's drone
when we are side by side.
Proximity is the chalice with
an elixir from passion's muse
here I'll be with you alone
and hope will remain with me.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160421.
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The poem “In the Hand” is about the special place that the hand has in communicating with a dance partner.

In the Hand

In the hand the dance is held
The shared momentum of the touch
is enough to connect two souls
matched to dance in thrall tonight.
Footwork has its place,
key to moving synchronized,
but without guidance from above
the feet would be lost below.

Allow me to interject
a word of caution for the lead.
Direction is no carved in stone,
suggestion is the way to go.
Less is more, support is fine,
too much force is the devil's way.
Find the balance between the poles,
your partner will joy in safety first.

Lifeline of the fragile moment,
supporting dual ones in motion,
affirmation of purpose is acclaimed
in the grasp of lead's good grace.
So much is said with voice held mute,
spoke instead with clutching language.
The saint will listen closely
to the partner of equal stature.

Release is given with assurance,
parting fleeting for styled motion.
Each is their own in those moments
when one are two before combining.
Who dances whom I wonder,
when lead and follow reach in union.
It matters not when cooperation
is hand in hand with each other.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160415.
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One of the interesting aspects of social dancing is seeing who will attend each week. The participants are welcomed. Later I consider who I didn't see, and wonder where they were.

Walk in This Place

The same music played tonight, the walls and floor held aloft,
similarities ceased to be when I realized you were in the wind.
Spaces where you should have been, activities of consequence,
without your smiling face to share a world once heaven sent.

We are selfish, this is true, spoiled by past appearances.
Can you blame us in this case, when you are a familiar face?
The stars hold positions high, the earth still turns on axis round.
The only taunt that I now face is beauty's absences in this space.

We may only dance once or twice, tiny fraction of this night.
The amount does not relate to the joy brought to my face.
To see you there in joy's embrace, dance's rapture across your face,
is the boon I did desire on this night of partner's lack.

Others move with their own grace, perhaps to dance better or for worst.
This matters not as I seek the total sum of partner fair.
We had not date, no set meeting, and yet I still look to this time
for life's bequest of a partner with which to dance.

I pray that tardiness is the cause of a partner not yet appeared.
Others by door came and went, and your lovely visage did not relent.
To the future I will turn, sorrow etched in my heart,
temporarily I can hope when in the future you walk in this place.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160225.
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The challenge of enjoying dancing is... waiting until you dance again. My poem “Hours Turn to Days” is about the periods between dancing.

Hours Turn to Days

There are days when I wonder
if dance will find my steps.
An absent felt within my bones
too long without a romp.

Hours turn to days,
Days spin to the weeks,
weeks blend to the months,
and these repeat again.

The dust settles thick
when there is no play.
No sport or jest when merriment
becomes dim memory.

The ghosts are all I have
from the times of joy.
Reminders of the laughs
lost to Father Time.

I'll dance once again
when the stars align.
Until that day, in future's grasp,
the absence will linger on.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160204.
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The poem “Gentle Dancer” about the dancers that are no longer around, but are still missed terribly.

Gentle Dancer
Poem for Day 326 – 20151123

Where are you gentle dancer,
partner for the light fantastic?
The floor that once was the focus
is now empty without your charm.

Where are you forever partner
from the span of the past songs?
The tunes aren't quite the same
with the heart of the music gone.

How long do I have to wait
before we I see the familiar face?
I suppose a photo will have to do
until I can dance with you.

My questions linger in the air,
DJ lend you magic here.
The score will lure you back,
the frolic again in my life.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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The poem “Bedroom Eyes” is about the very personal gazes shared by dancers. It is pretty incredible when a partner is found who can return intimacy by a shared look. The poem explores the power of these moments, and hunger that is satisfied.

Bedroom Eyes
Poem for Day 307 – 20151104

Why do we dance with bedroom eyes,
shutters wide open to sky?
Searching for that in between,
the touchstone of what should be.
I am now revealed to the world
in this moment of openness.
Perhaps you feel the same as well,
for your eyes hold nothing back.

Somewhere there I'll find myself,
the piece of me far behind
during the journey's struggle
that brought me to this shore.
Before the dance I was lost,
traveling the lands far away,
unreconciled with the others
found there on the dusty trail.

So many partners looked away
unable to return my gaze.
I was diminished a little bit
each time I did not exist.
The world became inhospitable,
impersonal became the norm
as my vision turned to the sky
and the stars began to fade.

In that place I was nearly lost,
the lights gone out all around.
The dance saved my immortal soul,
in that place I found your face.
The spotlight found its mark,
resting on the unexpected,
fated partner of circumstance,
the one that I dance with now.

The shutters have been opened,
the sky shattered with God's light.
Recognition of shared humanity
brings me back from the fade.
The dance will be secondary,
the backdrop to the main event.
My soul now safely resting
in the arms of bedroom eyes.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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The lyrics “Almost Strangers” are about the special kind of connection possible in partners dancing. Most of the time a dance is a chance to engage in enjoyment of the music and movement. The partner, while appreciated, is part of the entire experience. There are rare times when the partner supersedes the dance, and the other’s company is the reason to dance. “Almost Partners” is about those moments.

Almost Strangers
Poem for Day 229 – 20150817

Hold me tight partner of the night,
do not stray and do not wander.
You’re the one I came for tonight,
to dance and to love in close rapport.
In lights dim we will hard embrace,
thirsty souls seeking to be quenched,
lonely hearts longing for respite,
almost strangers in like company.

Body to body with no space in between,
connection by touch and beating heart,
linked together by passion’s urge,
sensual time spent with clothes on.
We’ll show restraint fully dressed,
that is our promise to God above,
but the proximity is too much
for those who look on in dismay.

Almost strangers, seeking comfort,
almost strangers, connection made,
almost strangers, shared restraint,
almost strangers, never again.

I’ll share you with others if I must,
but know this my lovely partner,
you’ll return to my arms in time
to resume where we had left off.
They may say I hold you too close,
that our dance has gone far beyond
social dance of two strangers met
and to this they are correct.

They don’t need you like I do,
don’t crave your calm company,
your sense of impropriety
rolled into the one who can swing.
I’ll ask them to look away,
leave me to my close proximity,
lonely hearts longing for respite,
almost strangers in like company.

Almost strangers, seeking comfort,
almost strangers, connection made,
almost strangers, shared restraint,
almost strangers, never again,
never again, never again.
almost strangers, never again.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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Regulars on the social dancing scene know the draw of those times when mutual intents combine in a flurry of steps. Hands meet and their response to the song is all that matters. The poem “Dance With Another One” is a lyrical window into the magic of dance.

Dance With Another One
Poem for Day 154 – 20150603

There's that special day of the week
when we put on our dancing shoes.
The sun will dim and the stars will shine
as we leave the rest of life behind.
Familiar faces will welcome us,
future friends met for the first time.
All paths met with equal acceptance
in this meeting of those with one goal.

Just to dance, just to dance,
that's all we want tonight,
just to dance with another one.

We're here to consort for a spell,
to be intimate in ways dancers can.
Connections made in swishing shadows,
the need filled by a fellow man.
Another's touch will wisk away
all our troubles and doubts combined.
We'll forget the stress of life
as we melt into another's arms.

Just to dance, just to dance,
that's all we want tonight,
just to dance with another one.

Some songs are happy, others sad,
we'll find our own reason to move
on the dance floor in rapt response
to the DJ's medley of tunes.
Time will pass as songs are played,
the evening flies as the end arrives.
We'll say goodbye with good cheer
and know we'll soon draw near again.

Just to dance, just to dance,
that's all we want tonight,
just to dance with another one,
just to dance with another one.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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“Bublé in My Head” is another romantic dance poem, but in my defense, that’s what you get when you listen to the Michael Bublé station on Pandora internet radio. Michael starts with a classic big-band jive, pours on the jazzy side, adds a dash of pop, bunches of romance, and the outcome is a wonderful dance with a partner.

Bublé in My Head
Poem for Day 142 – 20150522

Bublé in my head,
crazy love so intense
romantic sentiments expressed
that urge my feet to dance.

To be loved is my desire,
to dance with you my delight,
Bublé stands by my side
while I swing with you this night.

Happy feet with a quite a smile,
I'd be nowhere else but with you
Michael provides the sappy tunes
and we'll dance close side by side.

Musical peers fill the space,
and still we are close attached,
nothing to do this magic eve
but dance to the jazzy beat.

Then the one comes on,
a song for you and me,
tears come to my happy eyes,
by your side the only place to be.

Bublé in my head,
with you close at hand,
I may be in heaven some day,
but I'm close enough to it tonight.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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People engage in social dance for many reasons. They all come with their personalities, desires, predilections, and hang-ups. In this mix there are the aggressively flirtatious. Those not in this category are often baffled by the interplays. The truth of the matter is that the flirtatious can recognize each other in just a soulful glance or a lingering touch. The resulting interaction appears indiscrete, but know that there are rules in play, barriers fully in place, and expectations much shallower than the outsider viewer may understand.

Radio Man
Poem for Day 125 – 20150505

Radio man, send the signal,
broadcast our fervent intent,
deep running, beneath the waves,
to those on our frequency discreet.
Eyes attuned to lusty look,
bodies search for correlations
to desires of contact, sharing
that others cannot discern.

Hidden handshake, returned in kind,
signals intentions of like mind.
Caution warns of immediate trap,
disregard, full steam ahead.
Antechamber of delights,
bright solarium, ruby lights,
admittance given most discrete
to those engaged in the dance.

Grand illusion, naked truth,
lusty veneer presented here,
stroke the surface, but no more,
with life's armor underneath.
Prelude to a vision ever hidden,
appetizer of meal never had,
partake of the meager morsel,
main course ever out of hand.

Radio man, send the signal,
find those who will answer,
with bravado of the sort
that identifies a similar soul.
I will dance with them this night,
delve deep into another one
who shares so much at a glance,
and perhaps suffers just as much.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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Listening to swing dance music, especially the Big Band tunes, gets me feeling better when I’m down. I think of my past partners and of future encounters. The poem “Made Right For a Time” is really a set of lyrics about the magic balm of dancing with the right partner.

Made Right for a Time
Poem for Day 118 – 20150428

When I’m sad, down in the dumps,
dancing with you gets me back up.
My absent smile returns to me,
restored by one that I adore.
The balm of trumpets, lights down low.
You in my arms, what should there be?
It may be for a time far too short,
so I’ll take what I can with you.

We’ll dance, I’ll hold you close.
We’ll dance, life made right for a time.
We’ll dance, I’ll hold you close.
We’ll dance, life made right for a time.

We’ll spin out from time to time,
enough to show some modesty.
It’s all for show cause I want to be
tucked in feeling you close to me.
The band plays just fast enough
to keep us moving along in time,
but slow enough for us to find
close company we call divine.

We’ll dance, I’ll hold you close.
We’ll dance, life made right for a time.
We’ll dance, I’ll hold you close.
We’ll dance, life made right for a time.

See me grin, from ear to ear.
A happy partner with one so near,
connection made, like soul found,
also seeking harbor from life’s trials.
I’m no longer a sad sack one.
I’ve become entranced by a spell,
enraptured by a dance shared by two,
lights and music and most of all by you.

We’ll dance, I’ll hold you close.
We’ll dance, life made right for a time.
We’ll dance, life made right for a time.
We’ll dance, life made right for a time.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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It could be the challenge of learning new moves. It could be the freedom of interpreting the music in combination with my partner’s abilities. It could be the amazing beauty and talent of my dance partners. It’s probably all of that that has made me fall in love with swing dancing.

Swing Dancing With You
Poem for Day 107 – 20150417

There's nothing I rather do,
there's no place I'd want to be.
Just one thing on my mind,
preoccupying my every thought,
and that's the anticipation
of going swing dancing with you.

We could do the contra thing,
we could two-step in a line,
but that wouldn't satisfy my desire,
the one deep down in my feet,
expressed in a burning need
of going swing dancing with you.

I could dance with anyone,
I've got the moves to show my stuff,
and it's the sociable thing to do,
but darling they're not the same,
I just don't get that thrill
of going swing dancing with you.

So get your coat, put on your shoes,
we're going out tonight my dear.
Gotta say the dance hall called,
they've saved our spot on the floor,
we've got a date, and that's one
of going swing dancing with you.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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Listening to Big Band swing gets the melodies in your head. With them as a guide, one can crank out a quick set of swing lyrics. Granted, it’s not about food (inside swing joke), but it is about dance! And… it helps that I have some fabo swing partners to inspire me.

Dreaming of Dancing
Poem for Day 097 – 20150407

I’m dreaming of dancing, wide awake,
dreaming of dancing with you tonight.
I wouldn’t be anywhere else but there
in your arms, the music guiding our steps.
Because we’re meant to dance, to glide,
dancing together to celebrate life.

I’m dreaming of dancing, with you dear,
I’d be with nobody else if I could
because to you I can relate
this love of dance, adoration of you,
you’re the only one I want to share
the thrill of dancing together tonight.

I’m dreaming of dancing, nothing more,
you’re in my thoughts as I pace,
a rock step made to celebrate
a future with you in dancing heaven,
this eve with you close at hand
I’ll dance till the clock calls us home.

I dreaming of dancing, dream come true,
Your smile entrances me, lights my night,
your touch seduces me, takes my breath,
I see nobody but you my dear.
My life is complete in this moment,
to dance with you is my dream delight.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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I experienced two things at a swing dance. The first was that there are people who love to dance as much as I do. They did not come to just socialize. They were there to dance, and dance they would! The second was that a capable and compatible partner makes the dance effortless, magical, and greater than the sum of its two parts. The poem “To Become One” attempts to share these two thoughts.

To Become One
Poem for Day 049 – 20150219

I was born to dance on this floor,
hold my hand, together we click,
music guides our ecstatic steps.

We've waited for this moment,
mutually consumed by desire,
to satisfy our dance passion.

You beauty is in shared movement,
grace echoes in personal joy,
you are all I longed for tonight.

Our lives laid bare to each other,
no masks are worn when we respond
to the dance's shared imperative.

Nothing can still our stamping feet,
thunder in your veins, roar my voice,
call the drummer, thrum to heartbeats.

I was born to dance on this floor,
fortune brought us together now,
we are two, dancing to become one.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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The poem “Stars of River Falls” is about my home contradance hall, River Falls Lodge in Marietta SC (outside of Greenville SC) The rafters are strung with lights, and in my B&W photos they do look like stars in the sky. I have to say, and I am probably terribly biased, but the hall sports some of the most beautiful dancers I've ever seen. The regal beauty seen there during dances is breathtaking indeed!

Stars of River Falls
Poem for Day 019 - 20150119

To join beneath stars,
twinkling witnesses
to our dance together
here at River Falls.
You are in my arms.
I am enraptured,
joyful companion
to a dream made real.

Beauty enfolds you,
an extension of your dance.
Regal you are,
with stars above your crown.
Majestic companion,
the lights are your subjects,
flashing recognition
of loveliness presented below.

This night may end,
our dancing may cease,
but know the stars await
our return to this magic place.
I'll meet you again beneath
the stars at River Falls.
They will shine to show
the one I'll dance with once again.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.


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