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I am concerned about friends that are out of sight, moved on beyond my immediate space. “Hopeful Echoes” is about my worry.

Hopeful Echoes

Echoes are all that’s left
prompting thoughts of concern
asking more than life will share
portends silent at time of need

footsteps only I can hear
heartbeat tapping on my heart
in their wake the dust remains
evoking doubt in response

so many outcomes out of sight
scripts ascribed to low and high
cries imagined from the pits
or the laughs lift to the clouds

wondering where they may be
under gaze of morning’s sky
bearing witness while I cannot
hopeful echoes in my mind.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170914.
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“Crowd For Everyone” was inspired by a close friend who found a dance community that fed their soul and increased their sanity.

Crowd For Everyone

There is a crowd for everyone
against the teeth of cold shoulders
even when the days seem dark
with no warmth to sooth the soul

friendly faces that do not judge
instead they welcome the lost one
too long wandering in the wastes
with lack of friendship along the way

a place to put down your woes
the world is gladly put aside
a daily grind with no end
is paused with those who lift their kin

strife’s not gone with this reprieve
still the space is most blessed
asking little and giving much
warmth for the soul found at last

smiles and tears are ensured
as close comrades lift the load
in requiem we do the same
ease their burdens in kind return

a calm is centered beyond the storm
acquaintances shield the worst that’s felt
push aside teeth of the dark
when there’s a crowd for everyone.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170910.
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A dear friend was told that they were trying too hard to be unique. This was said of a person who I know is incredibly individual in identity, expression, and potential. I, and others, came to my friend’s side. My take was that world sometimes isn't ready for the true breadth, and beauty, of uniqueness. “Average Quakes is about the sources and challenges of being honest with self-identity and self-expression. I do truly applaud those who can surmount “average is as average does”.

Average Quakes

Average is as average does
asking all to do the same
for comfort’s sake please relax
it’s for the best that all regress
these pleadings from society
don’t rock the boat with your flare
or deviate from the standards set
who know the best for their world.

Strange beauty asks all to pause
considering standards seniors set
where peace of mind counts for more
than finding self outside of norms
avant-garde may be the term
to describe the breadth expressed
this discounts the true purpose
authenticate dreams made manifest.

Beneath the surface is much more
the wiring of the who we are
prompting genders to be expressed
stating lovers that fill the voids
intertwining the sum whole
all the parts, so many paths
how could the caring dismiss this
the intricate of God’s design?

The ones that used to be the peers
now left behind as consequence
when boundaries move beyond a room
once the closet that chained a soul
I’d ask no more of my friends
than to show their inner realm
put on display the magnificence
it’s for the best, the average quakes.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170805.
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Once again friends are separated by beginnings or endings, or both. The poem “The Time Has Come” is about this sad phenomenon.

The Time Has Come

The time has come to say goodbye
bid farewell to status quo
the sadness rests upon my heart
as I ponder how this came about

the passing years ask their due
though I resist, it will be done
by writ of work in our town
or school leading them far away

in my world I stand in place
this is illusion I'll admit
I'm left with remnants to console
my friends may have to start again

the present state has passed away
as fae seasons turn once more
the adieus have replaced
happy greetings of yesterday

the curtain falls upon the stage
in time to announce the next act
familiar faces will be replaced
by new friends not yet met

they’re sufficient for a time
and then again the pain repeats
the split delayed before it strikes
that time arrives with encore

we’ll grow old separately
cold visits echoing ghostly pasts
not the same in brief measure
with sadness filling in between.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170803.
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Sometimes my friends inspire my poetry. They may struggle in the moment, but I see potential far beyond the current moment, with the outcome decades in the future.

Decades Offer

Decades offer so much more
future stretching beyond this point
than the upbringing you've endured

against this background you’ll excel
with schooling planned for artist’s path
by music’s pitch and joy of dance

on the canvas you’ll seek yourself
inspired within to rise above
conviction held close to the heart

piety is your chosen path
his fold is blessed with your faith
the high road will be your walk

these paired visions are my muse
examples put to this old fool
my protege as life’s new bloom

my colored leaves hang in the air
seeing promise in your young life
inspiring me to live and to fight.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170728.
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“The Reflections” is about supplementing self-worth through the feedback from true friends.

The Reflections

In the mirror of my friends
the truer portrait is revealed
of the one I’d like to be
and not the wreck of self-esteem

when I allow them to draw near
it’s made plain that I have worth
not in dollars that may be spent
instead in treasures of the heart

flaws are the norm in human form
this is acknowledged to be true
these are less than beauty’s count
I see echoed in their eyes

the reflections are not the same
across the breadth of who they know
to be cherished in special ways
unlike all others, each their own

in these mirrors I hope to find
the sum of love outwardly felt
so I may take this inwardly
find my reasons to carry on.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170715.
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I went to a party and had a great time connecting with the people there, and one person in specific. The poem “Aid of Hooch” is about that experience.

Aid of Hooch

We spoke with the aid of hooch
about science and the alternatives
lifestyles outside the common path
while sipping juice with a punch of rum

an igloo water cooler was the source
I dropped my drink just not once
when my hands move to speak
in a rush to share my life

how’d they get in my way?
perhaps the handsomeness in the face
with a mind oh so keen
presented while the music played

conversation was the bridge
between two people disconnect
by their stations and their age
linked by the greater underneath

since that time there’s been no hooch
I know what I heard that night
my admiration has not quit
for the science and the rest

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170508.
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A dear friend stated, “I have few regrets in life. …. and another is not knowing how to keep friends...” This struck a nerve on my part. While I consider them to one of my deepest friends, I’ve not talked to them in far too long Years ago I spoke to them everyday. They had also told me years ago that people who walk away from them are no longer friends. Does that mean that I’m in the “friends not kept” category by my own actions? Perhaps! My thoughts then went to other ancient friends that I seem to be in the process of discarding. It is terribly difficult to make friends. Why am I being so foolish? All of this led me to write the poem “Should Be Close”.

Should Be Close

They said they couldn’t keep
friends on this side of the veil
losing them to life’s travails
with sadness as a common thread

some had lost their mortal husk
age asks too much us mortal ones
linking those of common minds
then removing the most precious gems

others vanished into life’s crowd
swallowed by the detritus of the world
rushing here and running there
it’s no wonder that some are lost

politics may bind two people
the same may tear at the binds
when the unseen is revealed
in choice of party or of man

the last cause I’ll propose
may cut deeper than the rest
close companions, with love picked
exclude others by their mindset

I’ve done poorly, I’ll admit
to retain the brightest gold I’d found
all the causes are my undoing
with the friends that should be close.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170409.
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Do I only have friends because I give to the communities that I associate with? Perhaps, but I hope that there is more. "Fortune Smiles" is about the perceived difficulty of finding friends when the my faults of the world are compounded one on top of the other.

Fortune Smiles

Fortune smiles upon this fool
the sun shines above the clouds of disgrace
considering friends I am blessed
too good a windfall for this miscreant

many ways I defy the par
enough to hex my link with society
I'll name a few so you may see
why my friends defy logic's dominion

business asks for proof of worth
validation by bounty of gold produced
some returned with reluctance
tool of the man, I am not enough

deliverables in the realm of art
shiny trinkets state the coin of commerce
to sell for money is the mark
sadly my efforts fill my purse with dust

too cool for class with clothes worn
makeup and accessories complete the look
glam is the pinnacle of style's stack
while in lowest of valleys I fall flat

religious edicts define the holy
chants are given while prayers meet steeples
all the blessed will please most high
profane defilement seems to be my life goal

hetronormative rules the world
stating that hetro is normal or preferred
to love the opposite is now the goal
that memorandum did not cross my desk

lastly there are the sins that most avoid
living the best while avoiding the worst
purity of thought, virtue of frame
I hide my head when I consider my shame

now you see why fortune is fickle
giving me comrades when none should be coming
each could be driven away from my side
by one of these virtues that I've sadly denied

the holy convene in distant halls
away from the rabble I find as my friends
perhaps they stumble somewhere in life
I'll not ask their sin when they're by my side.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170315.
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A friend, and fellow poet, stated on social media, “I'm having a real hard time defining the word ‘friend’ lately”. I was already thinking about friendships, replying to my friend, “(I wonder) if people realize how much I consider them friends based on their importance in my life. The importance is not based on what they do for me. It is the fact they bring a measure of joy to a life that would be terminated if it were not for these measures of grace”. These thoughts led me to write the poem “Alike in My Eyes”, a further explanation of the complexity and simplicity of friendship.

Alike in My Eyes

It's not a matter of accolades
or time spent in company
instead another measure holds
that of emotion's impacting grace
prompts me to call them friend
hold them close to my heart
each unique unto themselves
yet so much alike in my eyes.

They are scattered amongst the tribes
many more than the twelve of old
some in the grip of engaged war
spurned by dogma and fixed beliefs
these are put aside when we engage
or ignored for the noise they make
simple souls with a human face
matters more than tenet's din.

Their efforts may move hills
shaping lands with teamwork's push
yet most are only a nudge
passing on the wind of fate
sharing only time, so little more
believing deeds were mundane
if only they knew continents
were shifted within my sight.

Nearness would be ideal
the greatest have not met my eyes
in person greeting, instead remote
with affection granted to those detached
no proximity in the every day
still their presence presses in
the thoughts and words in cyber-realms
so much nearer than those I can touch.

Then there is the matter of frequency
how often contact is at hand
this matters not for the ones
who hold concern when we are mute
I do the same, the heavens paused
worlds are frozen with time stopped
knowing that contact will start the clock
as if the last touch was yesterday.

There are those who may not know
of the very heights their stock has climbed
with affection's mark against their name
in my secret book of fellowship
I can only hope they may feel the same
though it matters not if they do
encouragement is felt in shadow's place
may the divine know their name.

In the end I am sustained
against the ills that sap my will
asking me to withdraw from life
in desperation of loneliness
when ideation asks its price
far too much for circumstance
I fight back with hope's comfort
the sum of all is more than parts.

Words fail when I say friend
many tribes, both near and far
frequency tempered by the intent
those that know and the unaware
grace has a name that better suits
this I will hold to my breast
with the knowledge that God approves
of what I call my dearest friends.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170308.
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I wrote “Bones Below” to explore a very personal topic. After finishing the poem I realized that a reader could think I was talking about a drug habit. No. It’s something else!

Bones Below

Bones below the skin above
extending from the front to back
where I start and where I end
traced by the veneer embraced
cadaver covered yet still whole
hidden by the robe that’s worn
revealing what the world will see
while underneath support persists.

The nearest is known to me
dearest in the silent times
bridge from dawn until the dusk
I’d collapse without their help
invisible to the bystanders
thankful in my silent praise
though camouflaged is covert
I’d expire without their aid.

I’m propped by what’s beneath
persisting while the globe revolves
by the structure fast inferred
by a surface full exposed
if they knew how much I require
the in between close at hand
my secret would be no more
and still I’d need the bones below.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170112.
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I told a friend, regarding learning about them, “the more I learn the less I knew”. This is natural and really quite joyful. In my friends I find myself. I am validated and my sanity is confirmed. This isn’t to say that I find myself to be normal. It is instead an assurance that I am not alone.

What I’ve Learned

The more I learn the less I knew
my first impressions disabused
swept aside by the evidence
of the what lay below covering
in that place I found myself
looking back from mirror’s face
when I searched the depths below
for distraction to sooth my world.

I see above the master’s hands
shadow puppets up on the screen
pulled by wires invoked there
by the past shared by two
the breadth of life is now revealed
in the space of matching flames
once disconnected as the rest
now unveiled to show us same.

I thought I knew life's magic
behind the windows draped to hide
perhaps I did, but I think not
when it was I who did look back
the same in a foreign face
echoes carried by humanity
how could I have been there
when I was lost in the maze?

The search has ended, or just begun
when the mirror is turned around
there on the path I see the door
back to where I was before
what came before has been replaced
by revelations of a shining soul
I can only hint at what I’ve seen
of the less I knew, what I’ve learned.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170106.
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The poem “Slippery People” was inspired by work on Tumblr of the same name. I took the title and sought to see where it would go, and it did, into the pained joy I feel with my friends.

Slippery People

Slippery when wet
a distinct hazard
people are a mess
the haphazard curves
death defying drops
to uncertain bliss
where are safety belts?
pinching tender spots
now left far behind
we’re not alone
in the rush to slide
jostled as we bounce
those quick accidents
caresses too short
when life separates
the warning stickers?
about falling hearts
misread up in the rush
only applying
to those not so wet
instead the portent
exclaimed to the choir
slippery people
darlings of my soul
we may yet stumble
with company
zooming ecstasy
at the journey’s end
moist with ancient tears
damp with joy’s response
wet in joined response
we’ll find what we want.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161215.
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The lyrics “Friends Leave” were inspired by a quote by Stephen Chbosky in his book “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”.

Friends Leave

Turn the page this day on another change
it is the constant when everything shifts
the sun above must be very amused
oh how many more can my heart sustain?

They say life doesn’t stop for anyone
friends come and they go by revolving door
former a blessing, latter a curse
oh is this the price of joy they bring to this soul?

Things change and friends leave
life doesn’t stop for anybody
the cross I bear for as a singular one

It seems I’m the one standing in one place
this is my illusion fostered by the world
others do wonder where I’ve departed
oh am I the vagabond drifting?

So I’ll embrace them while I allowed
by timing of my vagrancy or of theirs
as both are felt as wrinkles move across
oh when we come together as before?

Things change and friends leave
life doesn’t stop for anybody
things change and friends leave
life doesn’t stop for anybody
oh now a malady all must endure?

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161126.

Poem - You

Nov. 20th, 2016 08:53 pm
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There are people in the world that are more special than most. I am honored to spend some amount of time with them. I would laugh with them, cry with them, and honor their place in my life.


I love you dearly
more than most
clearly not in love
the next best thing
somewhere beyond
the associate’s zone
into where I care
about how you are
what you are feeling
what you want
from a shared world
yet still diverse
from my slice
of shared reality
oh so different
still connected.

I care for you
too much sometimes
about you my friend
hoping it will sustain
finding spark to proclaim
supporting confidence
salve to the wounds
so much to see
paths to walk
through the years
so far ahead
God’s gift to me
undeserved some
say I’ll not argue there
with the one I love.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161120.
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In my social media sharing I go out on a limb or two in an effort to let people know that they are not so different from everyone else. Society creates exceptions of “normal”. The great cosmic joke is that very few people meet this high goal of uniformity. Life is not lived in the space of averages. Life is messy, unusual, and it is nice to know that others are in similar spaces.


Finding family where I can
in the arms of stranger ones
nudging to explore the breadth
of life beyond the inner space
can they strive to match my ilk
this definition years have produced?
so far beyond the simple mold
cookie cutter made for one

this is my prayer to find my way
beyond the halls that hem me in
these four wall are multiplied
as voices echo inside my head
they are myself said once again
repeated when none can respond
to chase the madness from the day

windows open to introduction
of like spirits yet not the same
each a mold unto themselves
to mate with mine to make a whole
the lonely dirges are soon transformed
to choirs exalting the similar
found exiles no longer lost
cast to drift but now beached

this is the message I cast to all
received by the boundless sea
look to me if you’re alone
lives are shared beyond the shade
relations come in many forms
some familiar, some less so
in our search each has a place
for cookies seeking company.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161119.
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I know several Juliets. Each is incredibly unique, with their own struggles and potential. Perhaps we are all Juliets.


Her name is only Juliet
new to the world yet old at heart
an echo of who I could have been
reminder by a phantom mirror
she fills my life with mystery
as questions echo through my mind

daughter of a thousand nights
where will you go when this is through?
a world awaits beyond the gates
the tomb your home too long these days
years have passed lost in your mind
now comes your time to depart

sister to the silver moon
what will you find when we part?
something different from the books
embraced while dread filled the air
moving pictures betrayed the truth
even while they were a fair retreat

mother to the revealed stars
what will you share with the world?
your children long to breathe the air
artistry born on the muses' wings
presentation to move the world
revelation of the no longer lost

how will I connect to my friend
my family by blood removed?
she fills my life with circumstance
as I witness prelude's edge
in time they will unwind
Juliet born to answer all.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161028.
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I wrote “I Found” in belated celebration of Friendship Day. I am blessed with terrific friends half my age or less. The social dance scene pulls together a wide range of people. In my friends I find a lot of inspiration to retain my humanity in the face of life’s trials.

I Found

In your face I found beauty
by turn of mouth, orb of eye
by tint of skin, by all things good
brought to form for God's delight.

In your smile I found joy
full of cheer of the youth
or the glee of the senior bent
in every age bliss retrieved.

In your humor I did laugh
so often at myself
with kind wit we reviewed
jocularity shared by two.

In your presence I was moved
with the trials you sustained
on your path to this place
sharing where you used to be.

In your pain I was grieved
the angels cried as did I
you survived in the end
misery topped by bravery.

In your humanity I found myself
now remembered in your gaze
mirror to who I could be
could I return this fave?

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160808
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The poem “Friends” is about the magical nature of those that I consider my friends.


Friends, I have a few
frankly more than I deserve
all ages in the fold
from the youngest to the old
we'll dance as only angels can
acknowledge the dark sides
laugh at the light times
worship in our own way
aid each to rise above
rail against injustice
guard our shared liberties
artists of all stripes
creators of beautiful realities
experts in my interests
of contra, swing, and blues
dancing on the edge of life.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160510.
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I am blessed with many people in my life. Some are not tall, and these I find to be incredibly dear. Coincidence? Who knows? I wrote a poem to explore the thought.


Small in stature
large in heart
inch’s difference
make the case.

Delicate features
I'm monstrous
you are not.

I'd say not!
So large in life
is the response.

My wee friend
so tall to me
you fill my life
with happiness.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160325.


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