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“Break The Mold” was written in recognition that my romantic inclinations are varied in their scope.

Break The Mold

A percent would defy my desire
across breadth of life's display
with so many choices to be had
my attractions may be diverse
seeing life in the grays
beyond numbers fixed in place
figures defied in the pursuit
of connection sought for comfort's sake
or perhaps romance beyond all that.

Please don't see me as a freak
uncaring for other’s rights
I have regard for consequence
barriers are found on the path
avenues I dare not pursue
this is natural for in the world
with due respect I'll address them all
passion visited only with invite
put aside when the time is not right.

Variations stream to infinite
God was the master craftsman
yet I have my preferences
predilections push my heart
excite my zeal for romantic bliss
or stir realms down below
factors far beyond gender's bend
some are strange, the others not
combining to break the mold.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170920.
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“I’ll Whisper” is about waking up and looking forward to sleeping again.

I’ll Whisper

I'll whisper your beauty to the gods
have them listen at morning's dawn
perhaps they'd accept my offering
hear my awe because I’m blessed

when night's curtain is withdrawn
to show the paramour in my bed
I wonder how this came to be
that darkness concealed one so bright

my speech returns at long last
as the sun begins to rise
chasing blackness from the room
revealing all that I enjoyed

the soft and hard, all the curves
the long lines that I explored
valleys plumbed in my quest
finding pleasure with the heights

the shadow departs as I speak
witness leaving before they're caught
called to answer for our acts
when they are innocent and we are not

it matters not because it's done
the gods have witnessed far too much
I pray they'll respond to my words
allow another night to turn to dawn.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170822.
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The poem “Wanting More” was prompted by two lines in the song “Orbit” byt SYDE, Ashe: “I will not be afraid / To kiss the lips that send me in orbit”. I wrote my version of those two lines, and then continued on, with the outcome being a statement of love expressed against societal displeasure.

Wanting More

I will not restrain myself
to kiss the lips that lift my heart
this is my goal above all things
no matter what the world may think

some may judge the form's content
raise their book, call me damned
I care not for their verdict
it's not their lips that I'll embrace

"don't show me that" is their refrain
as if my smooch, this PDA
is enough to end their world
with their abhorrence, perhaps it should

in full respect, consent returned
this transgression will occur
though I would name it otherwise
cuddle of faces, love's award

romance's quest makes us all as one
adults questing a kindred mind
desire to join in mouths' pleasure
stating passion, wanting more.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170609.
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A meme from the film “Juno” inspired me to write the poem “With Every Thought”.

With Every Thought

I think I’m in love with you
perhaps I can share what comes
with the very thought of…

more than the fantasy
beyond the myths of poets
the one I’m blessed to know
being present in your company
for a moment in the beginning
an accident I’ll gladly accept
longer as our paths crossed
until you’re always in my mind
taking what life will present

hearing your smile in laughter’s bliss
inside the eyes as the refrain
the heart home of rapture’s mirth
joy in the light and the dark
sorrow asking for kindness blessed
grins rejoicing when all is well
charm through sound and from gaze

lastly I’ll reveal the best
feeling you touch my hand
knowing there is so much more
not needing beyond the moment
(still so much desired, yes please yes)
lean one body against another one
(yours to mine and versa-vice)
then lips to kiss, tongue to press
so very nice, thank you much

so many ways, each tumbling
together in the sum of you
into love with every thought.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170306.
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“My Cold Dead Heart” was written for a poetry competition that asked for the poem’s title to be included as the title, beginning, or ending of a poem.

My Cold Dead Heart

Your eyes hinted
with the world
nothing offered
in full promise
unblinking orbs
full of hunger
look into the soul
absorbing it all

I see clarity
purpose unknown
I see vitality
source deep within
life resides here
welcoming me
inviting departure
if I fall inside

kindness is envisioned
returned now in kind
then I find the tip
dagger unsheathed
pools of emotion
shadows at play
I’ll swim the deep
depths where promises die
look into the eyes
beauty thy name
entrancing the mind
killing my heart.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170211.
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Literature was the original anonymous writing platform. Words are crafted to speak deep truths while hiding the same. Kings are taunted and unrequited romantic requests were sent. “When You’re the One” is a cheeky celebration of the latter.

When You’re the One

If you wonder if you're the one
spoke in prose, endearment’s choice
or wrapped in wonder at life's travails
perhaps you are, consider this
I'll broach not names as I relate
my life unwoven in stanza's breath
put to page so it may lay
away from breast where my heart prays.

Love and lost have been quick themes
along with longing for distant things
a pity as near as you’re to me
yet far too distant to speak with glee
in this space I wrote the poems
echoed feelings from the heart
putting tags on the “you”
by scrape of pen and move of quill.

No gender pronouns shall be used
to soon exclude half of the room
when the all world is my fair game
for vain attentions I've exclaimed
the only clue is three letters long
the reader asks how to respond
when their name may have same length
while pronouns mask my true intent.

If the "you" was held to heart
whispered not in black and white
they'd never know of my resolve
this burden carried by the one
this subterfuge is not to taunt
or tease the one that resonates
with stanzas borne on sorrow's pen
cast outside so I may heal.

Out there in breadth of wide world
my truest target knows the mark
as I aim straight at their heart
my words discrete in camouflage
whilst all around the others puzzle
at this dance between the couple
seen in silhouette of words
consummating never more.

In this crowd I sought safety
pleaded for anonymity
with a nod it was given
on the face that knew the truth
my words are wrapped in thinnest gauze
meant to shade the piercing sun
if your wit is half as bright
I'll not hide in plain sight.

My subterfuge is made deeper
by choice of photo to include
with the stanzas made up of verse
focused on the one obscured
this I regret with much love
as I have ranted to gods above
never asking that prayers be heard
only that the burden may be dropped.

In the end the game is up
the clues are found one at a time
like bread crumbs through fairy glen
leading you to the me
have you discovered you're the one
to which I've so long abused
through word of poem on many days
spouting forth "I love you"?

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170120.
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Poetry is best written when it is inspired by the poet's life. The poem "Three Small Words" is about a statement of felt fact that I cannot say, yet I found a way to express it through lyrical declaration.

Three Small Words

I dare not say those three small words
now almost slipped as I spoke my mind
they'd tip the my world with no recourse
but to be one with the syllables
each one innocent on its own
dire criminals when they are combined
a truth too raw to be let loose
I'll look to them to find the cause.

The first is one designated
the ninth letter of the alphabet
singular expression of being's self
referring to speaker of utterance
what role it has is not my choice
in this pronoun always capital
victim or rouge is optional
each in its time as the words progress.

I'll skip past the second to the last
focus of my sentence now addressed
fully present at this time
though not in person, just in the mind
my focus removes all the world
I'm pretty sure it was there before
now a single point is all I view
as my mind turns to the deepest truth.

Romance is in the middle phrase
this deep affection is edge of fact
though if I look for Cupid's dart
I'll fast admit that adoration was the start
I've fallen oh so far
I hope the bottom will never come
four letters have sealed my fate
a door will open if I merge the thought.

I'll not combine the tender words
It would be easy to tumble forth
express sentiment for another to hear
still I hold my tongue against the urge
I make this choice before I release
no greater thing I'll ever find
more than enough to arrest my heart
this statement held prisoner from both of us.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170118.
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College Stripper Journals – Pat as Puck (Romancing the Dream)

This journal entry will depart, mostly, from regaling my adventures as a college stripper. I’ll instead speak of the Shakespeare-inspired romance. Specifically, a couple assuming the mantle of drama’s icons. Exposing oneself to the arts will educate the mind, but the baser natures soon assert. While it’s noble to aspire to the heights of the bard, the tumble to humiliation may soon follow.

I was again dating Pat of “The Pats”, a stripping duo made up of Patricia and Patrick. My Pat was the one with blue eyes. The other Pat had brown eyes, like me. My Pat also majored in media, specializing in advertising and promotions. Yeah, that was their tentative connection to drama, one that I appreciated while we worked together. This tendency carried over to our relationship that often mimic’d art. Pat and I went to see a production of “A Midsummer Night's Dream” in the round. The future producer in Pat was readily apparent as they became transfixed by the tale of dreams, love, and marriages. One character particularly struck Pat’s fancy. While I imagine myself the trickster, I was trumped by Pat when they decided that they were an incarnation of Puck, the mischievous fairy also known as Robin Goodfellow. I was OK with this, as it boded well for a bit of play afterward. I should have paid more attention to the play before I made this commitment. Yes, I watched it, but a lot was going on as the four interconnecting plots wound round each other. Little did I know that Pat had locked onto one scene.

Fast forward to the latter part of the day. Pat and I were discussing the end of the drama. A central character had manifested. In the finality of the last scene the stage was given up to the fairies who blessed the house with good fortune, with Puck asking the audience to consider the production a dream if they disliked the play. It was plain that Pat fancied themselves as Puck. I asked who I would be and Pat exclaimed, “Nick Bottoms of course!”. Who was Bottoms? He was one of the laborers who put on a play for the enjoyment of royalty and lovers. Bottoms are also known for temporarily sporting an asses head because of Puck’s intervention. This did not bode well, as Pat was terribly creative in that way.

Before I document my experience as Bottom, with Pat in persona of Puck, I have to share some insights into how I interpreted my alternative lifestyle. Back then as a Southern boy, a resident of Georgia and Alabama, I was a member of an alternative sub-culture as an “adult entertainer”. Even now I can identify with a skill chart I found that stated, “skills in the areas of dance, acting, and sexual performance… showcasing your body to others... working with others on a team”. Mostly true, yes, though I’ll only admit to adequate sexual performance for entertainment value. There are legalities at play here! It was in this spirit of the alternative that I become Bottom and Pat became Puck.

I’ll never know where Pat found the wearable ass head. Pat’s outfit, shades of Peter Pan, came from somewhere back in their outfit closet. I began to think that I wasn’t the first Bottoms in Pat’s life, just as I wasn’t the first “Brown Eyes” they’d coo’d to during our shared passions. Begin the play! A bedroom became the woods as I “slept” in Puck’s company. I was transformed by fairy magic, assuming the countenance of a donkey. While I’m all for role-playing, my sometimes romantic partner had production talents I’ve rarely seen. One thing led to another, with Puck meeting Bottom in the privacy of the forest glades. I’ll leave the rest to imaginations as fervent as Pat’s, if that is possible.

Was it humiliation? I’ll admit that was a bit of trickery on my part. The bard evoked the heights and we invoked depths. Remember, one of my skills as an adult entertainer is “acting”. Pat was worth the thespian efforts, culminating in a closing curtain enjoyed by all. While Pat and I had our difficulties because of our similarities and differences, the enjoyment of the theater was a stimulant to our combined zeal.
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“When I Wake” is about the pain of unrequited love as the thoughts of the other too fully occupy the sufferer.

When I Wake

When I awake you're still there
standing next to my lonely bed
the same place when I reclined
when sleep was my redoubt
yet now I must leave that land
to face the one that haunts my life
I ask you ghost of romance lost
will you ever leave my mind?

Lopsided would describe our words
your voice is mute because I supply
the sounds that fill the empty void
when you're a phantom in my head
I can feel your skin beneath my hands
fingertips trace the curves below
garments meant to be removed
already gone since they're not real.

Desire has summoned you here today
sprung from a love that's betrayed
when one has fallen and the other not
balance gone between you and me
in fairness the ghost is mine to own
only known to my fevered mind
as false as the passions soiled
on stoney ground my hunger falls.

Now you stand next to my side
daily revenant of misplaced love
a grip around my heart is too strong
I ask you to leave and you're still here
unrequited is the saddest state
another day has passed confused
I'll lay my head now to sleep
please be gone when next I wake.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170109.
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The poem “Majesty” was written for a competition about romance during the winter.


The cold is king beneath the trees
its mighty court hung with snow
winter on the throne of frost
nature bends to sovereign reign
I am it’s subject as is my love
walking close arm in arm
painted trails are our path
reverentially draped in white.

Audience is asked by two
nobility please hear our plea
to warm our hearts at time of hoar
the white and gray surrounding us
we need the comfort of the warmth
far beyond the brace of clothes
seeking heat found in pure bliss
when congress finds the celebrants.

Drape our bodies in cloaks of rime
we’ll find our warmth in the contact
as you bless us now exempt
from Jack’s attention as we fuse
the trumpets echo in forest’s realm
voices share our joy combined
not to stay, this moment’s hold
our majesty was in your court.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170107.
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I found the quote “Discomfort is okay; I’ll live. My insides shift, and adjust”. I felt a challenge to turn these into a poem, with the romantic ode “Discomfort’s Shift” as the result.

Discomfort’s Shift

Discomfort is another day
reminder I am alive
yet it is not in my dreams
is this because I am dead?

My insides shift, adjust so
to the thoughts you provoke
wisdom found deep within
to the visions found without.

Sleeping brings another land
of adventures I embrace
you’re not there in my arms
what is the good of having that?

I shake with emotions kept
too long inside instead of out
shown to those who should know
how I feel about the world.

Awaking brings me back to you
with the pains that accompany
this body that’s been here too long
but why so short have you been here?

I’ll adapt to this new paradigm
bring out the sentiments you incite
show my love as I falter
another day held in your arms.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161214.
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Perhaps getting older has opened me to seeing beauty in the extremes of the world. Wait, I don’t think that’s the normal convention. Just as well! The poem “In the Extreme” is about where beauty and sexiness is found: in the places others would not expect.

In the Extreme

Predilections lead me there
to extremes both short and tall
shades that span a spectrum wide
gender can be compromised
as words roll hot to comply
matching what I fancy for
I'll tell you more of what I like

character is the litmus test
sexiness none can deny
this terra firma is the start
same or opposite both apply
androgyny is the reward
when intimacy finds it course
before the gender can decide
what is pleasant to my eye

back to height my interests lead
tall so fine, I'll proceed
seeing one at eye-to-eye
or even higher is delight
oh so short is nice to hold
as delicate as a china bowl
grown to speak with mature mind
small enough to dip in kind

attitude can peak my eye
the barb of language invites my mind
whips and chains by words evoke
pleasant thoughts the same provoke
delivered with a side of sass
just add some snark to spice it up
hot tamale, kimchi's burn
speak the mind with acid tongue

so many colors fill the world
at the ends I'll explore
each its own pleasant tone
dark to ginger I'll implore
intense is better I'll admit
when I look to fill the niche
compliment my pallid tint
add the hues from rainbow's curve.

oh so many adventures lay ahead
beyond the common everyday
what I am, where I've been
who I seek beyond these realms
my predilections look beyond
to the ones you'd not think
lift my heart, skip a beat
shocking they may seem to be
interest me in the extreme.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161209.
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The poem “When I Land” was inspired by an excerpt from J.D. Salinger’s book, The Catcher in the Rye. While it is about falling in love with women (girls), I suspect the sentiments can turn in any gender’s direction.

“(after jitterbugging) I was about half in love with her by the time we sat down. That’s the thing about girls. Every time they do something pretty… you fall half in love with them, and then you never know where the hell you are. Girls. Jesus Christ. They can drive you crazy. They really can.”

When I Land

I fall in love too easily
totter off the high tall cliff
if I share this moment’s bliss
in the company of one like you
pretty is enough you see
pulling me to the edge
propping me to feel the push
when nearness adds a gentle breeze

half is not the full amount
it is enough to set my heart
to thinking of what could be
you and me in company
hand in hand as a start
plunging fast towards the rocks
where I’ll land I do not know
these fantasies call for romance

Salinger warned of the craze
madness borne of female touch
he did not wish to veer from it
instead he shared the consequence
to an end this I will plummet
the outcome I’ll never guess
I’ll take my lumps in life’s pursuit
if beauty waits when I land.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161007.
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I was inspired to write “You’re Gone” when I saw a Tumblr meme that said “I’ll Never Let You Go”.

You’re Gone

If I let you go
the world would
cease to spin
the sun never
rise again
beauty gone
eyes are closed
my breath remains
deep in lungs
the tears would
drown my heart
colors drain
all to black
direction lost
from the map
stars blanked
from the sky
night forever
I don’t care
I’m alone
so alone
hope abandoned
when you’re gone.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160826.
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Listening to playlist “Lush + Atmospheric” on Spotify got me in the mood to write some romantic lyrics. The result of this effort are the lyrics “Meet Me”.

Meet Me

I've circled round your heavenly orb
you've attracted me to your orbit
I'm a lunar companion to an earthly grace.
I'm pitted with life's handling
now I only seek comfort in a touch
from the lovely body I circumvent.

You are the one I want
the one I need tonight
meet me in my arms
meet me in my arms.

The peacock has its flashing tail
the proud lion has its flaring mane
how do I attract beauty's blessed one?
I'm the plain face in the admiring crowd
looking for my chance to make you see
something special to tip attraction's scales.

You are the one I want
the one I need tonight
meet me in my arms
meet me in my arms.

I'm not proposing to be Romeo
to your Juliet unless fate's string
holds for two souls this romantic end.
Embrace my invitation luminary
brightest light in the celestial sky
combine two hearts into the sum of one.

You are the one I want
the one I need tonight
meet me in my arms
meet me in my arms
meet me in my arms
meet me in my arms.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160517.
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I've written way too many serious poems recently So, as an extreme change, I wrote the poem “Romance Tonight”. It is all about cats... yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Romance Tonight

If urges were tigers
tigers were wooing
I'd be dating
a cougar tonight.

If wishes were kittens
kittens were kisses
I'd be smooching
a housecat tonight.

If hopes were tabbies
tabbies were cuddles
I'd be hugging
a jaguar tonight.

If fancies were felines
felines were fondling
I'd be petting
a puma tonight.

Tigers and kittens
tabbies and felines
it sounds like I'm focused
on romance tonight!

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160429.
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The poem “In The Earth” began with the first line and then turned into a “Romeo and Juliet” type story with a mixture of mythological gods.

In The Earth

See the locks meant to keep
me from you and you from me.
Doors kept closed in response
to feelings quickened at the thought.
The gods have not given leave
to the lusts of mortal kind.
Chains are meant to bind the weak
from longings of earthly realm.

Hathor hear the pleads sent high,
Aphrodite help your child tonight,
Erotes in your varied ways
give aid to my tryst this day.
The whispered breezes caution me
that even gods may not intercede
in the fates of mortal beings
mad with need not prior conceived.

I'd tear down the portals high,
to sate the thirst I endure
when from this nectar I'm withheld
by those found soulless in compare.
Now the siren's call to weep
sound for all to hear the call.
Once released the cause is met
with key at hand, knife to breast.

My life is forfeit on this day,
no longer held in gods' hands.
The end has come, nothing more,
my path forsaken to nothingness.
Sweet Venus cry in shame
at where your boon has led this day.
Meant to warm the body full,
my own is laid now in the earth.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160411.
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The poem “Angel Wings” was inspired by a swing dance photo featuring a swing dancer with the tattoo of feathers on her leg.

Angel Wings

Could I fly with angel wings
aided by this beauty seen?
From my slumber I will spring
when this loveliness is my dream.
My breath is held prisoner
by the guardian of heaven's gate.
I release a gasp when I can
as I struggle in splendor’s grasp.

My tongue is tied in knots
as it seeks to full express.
Mere words cannot describe
a beatific view of paradise.
I'm lifted to the tallest heights
by vision of this celestial sight.
Moved beyond my sunken depths,
I am now free to sally forth.

Grant this mortal lover's boon,
undeserving of your grace,
that we may dance as partners do
in celebration of beatitude.
This taste is sweetest fruit,
sate an appetite long famished.
Penchants blessed by the flesh,
savored when not repressed.

The sight, the touch, so much more,
could I be blessed at this time?
Paradise gained in your these arms,
seraph please shine your light.
Thus I fly with angel wings,
beauty is as beauty gained,
not mine to own, just to share,
the embrace of dancer's love.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160208.
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There are so many moments in life. Most are lost to the current of time. Others stand out with clarity after many years.

Singing Chantilly Lace
Bonus Poem for Day 235 – 20150823

The song was about Chantilly Lace.
She had the pretty face, ponytail hangin' down,
did a wiggle there while waiting for tea.

Across in the diner so long ago,
across from somebody so full of life,
improv show to the jukebox sounds,
Jerry Lee Lewis would have been so proud.

The pantomimes were the stuff of giggles,
flop the ponytail, circle the big old eyes,
made my young world go round and round.

The second stanza was even better,
in the groove with the mimicry.
Your joy was mine to experience,
singing to Big Bopper's tune.

The song was about Chantilly Lace,
a date between a guy and a pretty dame.
He was dollar short and a ride too late.

I also didn't have much money,
but I had your fair company.
I'd act funny cause that's how I was
when you sang Chantilly Lace.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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There are people you'll meet who are immediately special, meant to be part of your life. The lyrics “Our Times” are a romanticized expression of such encounters, but the romantic encounters are not the only versions of these special relationships.

Our Times
Poem for Day 214 – 20150802

We danced more than once I know,
I've lost count, that's quite alright.
The joy is fresh as the first,
and I can't ask for anything more.

The first time I was taken,
my heart stolen by your smile.
Here it will stay, unable to stray,
safe in your grin the rest of my days.

The second time was twice as nice,
we stayed up late and talked of life.
A shared connection was made firm.
To you my commitment was ensured.

The third time was the blessed kind,
we kissed to begin the night.
Our passion was ached for release,
and to that end we did relent.

Every time has been the best,
each one better than the last.
How many more will there be?
Let's to loose count in our old age.

We danced more than one or thrice,
I've lost count, that's quite alright.
Our time together continues on
and I can't ask for anything more.

We danced more than once I know,
I've lost count, that's quite alright.
The joy is fresh as the first,
and I can't ask for anything more.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.


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